Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Holiday giveaway to all of my wonderful customers, followers, and friends!

Last Saturday, December 14, I started listing one item in my Etsy shop for $1.00. I have so many wonderful customers, and followers on facebook, twitter (@lesperancetile), and pinterest that I just wanted to take this time to say THANK YOU!!

My first $1 tile was a tile I call an ornament tile, because I've taken one of my little ornaments and pressed it into the center of a tile after I've pressed the clay with a carved decorative motif, an Angel and Star pressed on top of a funky 4x4 called puffballs.

Congrats to Carrie!!

Sunday I had 2 winners (why not?) and they both got the $1 tile that was a reproduction for a home on the west coast that I call Daisy 3x3.
Congrats to Jenn and Kathy!!

Monday's tile is one of my favorites (it's really hard to say that - we love all of our children the same, don't we?), A raised line tile that depicts Horus, who is one of the oldest and most significant deities in ancient Egyptian religion.

Congrats to Alexis!

Yesterdays tile was one of the oldest in my tile catalogue....and that's saying a lot since I've been making tiles sine 1979!! A Celtic knot design, actually inspired by a book of Celtic images I received as a gift from someone who loved me (sorry, but who could remember who gave them a Dover book 30+ years ago?).

Congratulations, Dyani!

What will I list today? Hey, I'm not even sure yet, but since I think my holiday rush is over, it might be something really special. Follow me on facebook and twitter (@lesperancetile) and be the first to find the $1 item (plus the cost of shipping, which I try to keep as close to the actual price as possible) and it's yours!

Thanks again and again!!
XXLinda @ L'esperancwe TileXX

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