Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Carving the things in my life

4/6/09 "3 pm tea break....chai tea please"

I'm having great fun with my newest tile series....."A day in my life".

These tiles are one-of-kind, carved directly into a blank slab of clay, titled, dated, and signed on the back. Don't expect to find images of daring adventures and impossible feats......just stuff from my every day life.....unless, of course, I have a daring adventure....

This is actually a style I'm revisiting from way back in the 1990's, when I was carving in terra cotta clay. So why, you ask, are you carving directly into clay again??? I'm blaming it on the Etsy Mud Team's April Fools joke of adding toilet paper to the background photos for the day. I decided to quickly crank out some actual tile representations of toilet paper......and as soon as I picked up my old tools I was inspired!

"cat scratched toilet paper"

Just in case you have no idea who (or what) the Etsy Mud Team (EMT) is.......please visit www.etsy.com and search "emt etsymudteam", and you'll find some of the most beautiful and well crafted clay work around. And, this is a wonderfully supportive and creative group, too. So thanks, etsy mud team, for inspiring me back to the future.

"I run with scissors" 4/4/09

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