Saturday, April 11, 2015

Bringing a well preserved antique fireplace back to perfection - part 2

In this follow-up post I was going to show you the carving process from start to finish. Unfortunately I had a devastating hard drive failure and my back-up was mostly corrupted, so I lost some of the layout photos. You can find the process in some past posts - like here -

Layout of image

I did make a short video of carving - it looks as though I'm in fast motion, but it was real time....I guess I was in a hurry to make it a short video!

The finished wax with original shard and enlarged print-outs of the image.

Setting up the frames around the wax for pouring the plaster mould.

Plaster poured and leveled.

Plaster released from the mould.

Touching up a few small bubbles in the plaster.

Wax original and plaster mould.

It was a great first pouring of the plaster. Unhappily, all the photos of pressing the tile, bisque tiles, and glazing are lost. But I am waiting for the completed installation shots from the customer and I'll post those when I am able.

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