Saturday, January 29, 2011

Playing in the winter cold - making a colorful ice column.

Last week there wasn't much snow here in Rock City Falls, but it surely was cold. With night time temperatures in the -12 to -15 range, I figured it would be a great time to make some ice columns. There's a real learning curve, even with the cold temps.

I started with two 5 gallon buckets with only about 5-6 inches of water, and some smaller buckets filled with water tinted with food coloring. My idea was to have all of the water freeze, then put the colored ice into the 5 gallon buckets and fill with clear water to create colorful frozen chunks of ice in the center of the clear ice.....guess again.

After about 4 hours at -12 degrees everything looked I dumped the small container of red onto the clear.

Oops....not frozen yet. OK I'll just go with it. I added more water and let it sit overnight and into the next day.

The next day it was still cold - only in the single digits, so I made a few buckets of slush ice as a base. The slush buckets got dumped out and carried to the highest point of a hill that snow plowing has created.

Two buckets of snow slush base to build on.

Next is the first bucket of colored ice.

Two full 5 gallon buckets of colored ice and a topper of blue in a smaller bucket - and I'm almost done.

On lookers are impressed....somewhat.

The finishing touch is the candle on top!

I did shiver for a while after getting inside, but it really is fun to play outside in the cold!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Candles in the Snow!

I told you that I love snow!! It provides me with a huge blank canvas, that I love to sculpt. I shoveled a maze of paths out to the back garden area for Abbey the Cat to run through just as dusk was settling in. The lights from the back windows illuminated the tarmac, and I wasn't ready to go in, so I began to shuffle through the snow. Spirals began to appear before me.

When my husband, Don, got home he suggested the candles, and Abbey came out to play with me. She cheated a lot, and stepped out of the spirals to get to me, but I forgive her!

Walking the spirals is very calming - come on over and walk with me!

Paul, who plows the snow for us, will be by sometime tonight and all will be gone by the morning. I hear that more snow is coming on Tuesday. Yippee!

January Snow...half way!

Considering we're only halfway through January, I'd have to say this has been a very good year for snow, as it is! I love everything about snow - watching the way it falls, walking through it as the flakes coat me in chilly wetness, shoveling paths through it as it piles up, blinking in the brightness when the sun finally comes out, building Suessian structures when it begins to melt (and becomes one of my favorite sculptural materials), and the lovely crunching sound it makes under my boot step on those crisp afternoon walks. Everything and so much more!

Abbey loves it least for a little while.

The back corner of the old playground.

Snow on marble.

Backyard today with more snow falling.

And, they're predicting more snow on Tuesday....wet snow, which I can sculpt! Bring it on!!

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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Etsy Treasury Favorites

What a lovely treasury collection!! Thanks


'Activity Feed - ing Frenzy' by photohale

Whenever I check out my activity feed, I am amazed at how nice the new listings from my favorite shops look together... very treasury-like...

Maine landscape paintin...

Rustic personalized ste...

Blue Urchin Bowl

5 antique spoon garden ...

Talk Like a Pirate Skel...

Watercolor Illustration...

Cleveland neighborhoods...

after the rain's ca...

Russel Wright for Steub...

The Paisley Tree origin...

A pocketful of posies h...

sterling leaf ring READ...


Mod Porcelain Vase

Lake Erie 4 - 16x20 Lan...

Krasner Kitty. 8.5x11 ...

Generated using Treasury HTML code generator by Whale Shark Websites.

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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year 2011

Don, Harry, and I welcomed in the New Year of 2011 in downtown Saratoga Springs at their annual First Night celebration. A mild night, a great meal, some excellent music venues, and seeing old friends, made this a wonderful evening!

Of course, the fireworks ended the celebration....."more, bigger!" is what I always say!!

So Happy New Year to you and may 2011 find you happiness, peace, and great pleasure!!

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