Monday, June 29, 2009

Health Care Reform Now!

Mr. Health Care Reform Now has a very important message for us all. We need to get on board to make this happen, NOW!

This handmade tile addresses a most important issue. It's time to get serious about the health care we provide in these great United States.

50% of all sales of this tile will be donated to
Please visit them at

The other 50% will be used to pay for my family health care.

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Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Yes, I have been having fun with my newest series of carved tiles....and someone noticed! I am now an official member of the Sharpie Squad, and happy to be one, because I really can't live without my Sharpie. And here's the tile that got me there.I can't live without my Sharpie
So stay tuned for more Sharpie art, coming soon!


Friday, June 12, 2009

Yard Sale + Art Sale = YART SALE

Etsy is having it's 2nd annual Yart Sale from Wednesday June 10 - Sunday June 14. What a great way to sample some of the amazing things you'll find on Etsy!

I'm featuring free shipping on magnets and ornaments.
Buy three magnets and that's a great deal!
Dahlia and Sunflower Ornaments

Also featuring 20% off all purchases over $25.00!
Here's your chance to buy one of these finely carved tiles, based on Victorian Postcard images.Woodland Concerto

Hope to see you in my Etsy shop!