Thursday, September 16, 2010

Museum Meanderings - The Boston Museum of Fine Arts

I missed some postings this week, so I'll check in now with a few of my favorite pieces of Chinese ceramic art from the Boston Museum of Fine Arts. Captions are from the museum. Enjoy!!

Tea Bowl with impression of a leaf
Southern Song dynasty, 12th-13th centuries
Jizhou ware; stoneware
From early times Chinese potters understood that the ashes of plant materials could melt directly into glazes. Nevertheless, it was an unexpected flight of imagination to imbed a leaf under the dark glazes of this bowl, which was fired to a glassy pool of rich colors that retains the shadow of the leaf.

Covered Bowl
Northern Song dynasty, late 11th - early 12th centuries. Marbleized stoneware, with clear glaze.

Northern Song dynasty, late 11th century. Marbleized stoneware, with clear glaze.

Jar with striated decoration
Tang dynasty, about A.D. 700-750
Sancai polychrome ware; earthenware with cobalt and copper-green glaze.

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