Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Sharpie's new fabric markers at "Art in the Park"

I love being on the Sharpie Squad and using all things Sharpie!

Sharpie has just released a great new fabric marker that has a brush tip and is perfect for creating original works of art on most fabric surfaces.
  I decided that the perfect venue to help introduce this new marker would be at the "Art in the Park" event at Congress Park in downtown Saratoga Springs.
I set up a table next to our own tile booth and had free t-shirts and packs of the new markers to give away to kids who wanted to create an original t-shirt design.

Miriam, another artist who was exhibiting at the show, was the first Sharpie artist of the day!

A very enthusiastic young artist creates a fireworks and shooting star design.

Sharpie made this young lady smile!

3 t-shirts, 3 happy young artists!

Inspired by the Carousel!
Scenes from Saratoga Springs
Not just a talented artist, but a very talented step dancer, too!

It was a beautiful day with a lot of very happy  Sharpie lovers. I'll be posting some of my own Sharpie art soon, so stay tuned!!

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