Friday, November 12, 2010

Next up....trimming pots!

Yesterday I showed you some pots I made, today....they get trimmed. Not my favorite task, as last week 2 of the 6 pots I trimmed flew off the wheel making unflatteringly spontaneous sculpture. Oh well. This week I made sure that the lugs of clay holding the pots to the wheel head for trimming were wet enough to really stick to the bat. Baby steps.

I also remembered that it's a great idea to use a tool to do as much trimming as possible to the foot of the pot before pronouncing the thrown piece "all done!". Just less to trim after wards, which you can see from the photo of above upside down pot. A big ridge to trim off.

Relax when trimming...I said relax. And yes, that is Abbey the cat on the table in the background, with her back to me. What's up Abbey, bored?

All done trimming. Wait....weren't these pots supposed to all be the same size? Didn't they all start out as similar sized balls of clay?? Isn't it a good thing that I don't try to make a living out of being a production potter???

Next up - I'm gonna get some glaze on these babies.

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