Sunday, October 17, 2010

A Little Trip to NYC

Last weekend my husband Don and I made a tile delivery to a restaurant that will be opening soon at 118 Greenwich Avenue. Our tiles will be set behind the entrance way, somewhere a bit obscure, or so the general contractor who received the tiles told us. We weren't clear on where exactly they'll be....but we'll be back and get a photo as soon as they open! Don was driving and decided to take the entertaining drive through Times Square...sort of. You can't drive through Times Square anymore, as they've made it into a pedestrian area last February. But the view is still over-the-top glaringly entertaining.

The noise, the people, the traffic, the unnatural brightness of the harsh lights....yup, it's fun!

And so much information is right there staring at you. Just the other day I thought to myself, "I wonder when Conan O'Brien will be back on TV?" I guess I just needed to drive through the Times Square area to find out...

This is always a fun way to get to our destination in NYC, which is usually the Union Square area, to meet up with family for our visit. Not the fastest way, but always entertaining!!


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